About our traveling memorial wall



Bringing Home the Wall

The Story

The project began when my wife Dee and I were at a Pow Wow in Fort McCoy, Florida. It was Thanksgiving 1996 and we wanted to remember and honor our veterans who were listed as missing or prisoners of war. So we set up a table for them.
 An older woman on oxygen and in a wheelchair approached the table. She was carrying the Bronze Star and Purple Heart medal with citations that had belonged to her son. He had been killed in action in Viet Nam and she wanted to leave them in his memory at the table. Because of her failing health, she would never be able to make the trip to the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington D.C. to leave the medals and thought this was the appropriate place.

Upon hearing her story, my wife asked that she hold on to her medals for a year and that in that time, she would bring the wall to her Pow Wow.


  We kept our promise and during that year created Bringing Home the Wall. The following year the wall was in place and the woman returned to leave her medals.


  This is a tribute to the men and women who served during the Viet Nam War and their Families. Bringing Home the Wall is a traveling replica of the Viet Nam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Unlike the Traveling Wall, which is primarily displayed in large, outdoor arenas. Bringing Home the Wall is designed to accommodate smaller indoor or outdoor presentations. It is our goal to bring this wall to as many facilities as possible so that veterans and family members who are unable to visit the Memorial in Washington D.C. can perhaps realize some closure.

Bringing Home the Wall Memorial  U.S. Patent Pending