Bringing Home the Wall - A Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial




Below our some of the testimonials and thank you letters that we have received for our efforts in displaying our traveling wall memorial.

Letter on November 30, 2007 from Linda Hardy, Events coordinator for Lake Highland Preparatory School:

Dear Tom and Dee;

LAKE HIGHLAND PREPARATORY SCHOOL Cultivating Intellect &: Character

On behalf of Lake Highland Preparatory School, thank you for bringing your replica of the Vietnam Wall Memorial to our campus for this year's Veterans' Salute. This year's program, "Freedom", focused on how freedom has evolved with each generation while remaining true to our forefathers scripting.

We began our tribute dedicated to our revolutionary war patriots and ended with the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Having the Vietnam War Wall helped tie in the history of all that happened in this great country.

One portion of Lake Highland's mission statement charges us to inspire patriotism for our students. You have helped us do this by having the wall on display. It was a tremendous effort on your part to have this set up and made available for our students on November 8th and 9th. Your passion to make sure that these fallen and missing soldiers. never be forgotten is a worthy goal and every American should see and experience it.

We were especially touched by the many stories you shared with us. They made those names engraved on the wall come alive and helped us remember that these soldiers were real people with real families who loved and missed them.

Many of our Lower School teachers expressed their appreciation of the time you took with our youngest Highlanders and how you and Dee took the time to answer their questions, tell them about the wall. It is hard to believe that the Vietnam War was 40 years ago. This has helped us provide the finest college preparatory education for each Highlander student.

Thank you again for supporting our students, our faculty and our Veterans' Salute program. Your active involvement enables us to continue our thirty-seven year tradition of developing scholars and leaders.

Cheryl & I have included a copy of this year's tribute recorded on a DVD for you. Please accept this and our donation to help you continue your mission of educating others. We as Americans should never forget the sacrifice of those who came before us. Our freedoms would not be available without their dedication, effort and love of America.


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