Bringing Home the Wall - Mission Statement




We have a vision at Bringing Home The Wall is two fold.

The first being to reach every confined, hospitalized or paralyzed Veteran and family who is either physically or financially not able to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Also, because of these limitations chances of viewing the Traveling Wall would be slim. We believe in all our hearts it is imperative all veterans and family members alike have the opportunity to seek some closure in return for answering the call of duty. We want to provide the opportunity for Vietnam Veterans and family members to pay last respects to their brothers and sisters and hopefully move on. After providing service for this great country it shouldn't be hampered by financial and physical hardships for them to accomplish this. It is our mission to provide a small scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial that can be displayed indoors as well as outdoors bringing a better opportunity for these people.


Secondly we are eager to educate our schools about the hazards and consequences of war. The student body of our schools are our future. Young people that will grow to be leaders in our community and government. Who better to enlighten and put before them the actual 58,000 plus names who made the ultimate sacrifice so they can be educated about the war in Vietnam. We have set up our traveling wall memorial at several different educational institutions and were welcomed beyond our wildest expectations. The children are like sponges absorbing the information we have to offer them.

Bringing Home The Wall is in need of a corporate sponsor. We are a 501c (3) non-profit organization and will be happy to communicate with any interested parties. Please contact Tom and Dee Twigg by Email or by telephone at 407-433-0015