Construction of Bringing Home the Wall Vietnam Memorial Wall Replica


Bringing Home the Wall Construction


For over a year, Tom and Dee Twigg have been working to put together a more realistic version of their memorial wall. The completed 1/4 scale memorial replica was unveiled for the first time during the Memorial Day weekend for public viewing at Florida Eco Safaris.
The previous two versions of the wall where printed on white poster board with black text and enclosed in black wooden frames. While the old wall severed it purpose, it was not a true replica of the actual memorial in Washington D.C..
Construction of the new wall began over a year ago and was not completed until only hours before the wall was to be set up for the Memorial Day event. Tom and Dee Twigg worked countless hours designing and constructing the replica.
Tom stands next to the center panels of the wall as it nears completion. Each panel was custom built to form the wall frame. After the frame and base had been constructed, the corrugated plastic panels were glued to the individual panels.
After the panels have been glued, they are set into place to insure accuracy and fit into the base.
You can see the wall begin to take shape as the center section is set in place. The design of the wall replica stands just over 8 foot tall at the center.
On of the big advatages of the way that the wall was designed is that it can be set up in different angles to accommodate the size of the venue.
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