Bringing Home the Wall Vietnam Memorial Wall Unveiled Memorial Day 2006


Bringing Home the Wall Debut

St. Cloud, Florida: The newly designed Vietnam Memorial wall is unveiled for the first time at Forever Florida.


Hours after the final panel was completed, the wall was set up in it's entirety for the first time. Working into the night the memorial wall replica that was once a dream, became reality for the Twiggs.
Tom and his wife Dee prepare the wreath that will be displayed on the wall along with other decorations and memorabilia about the war in Vietnam.
During the Memorial Day weekend, Bringing Home the Wall had many visitors. Pictured right, Eduardo Montalvo and his daughter learn about how this wall can be set up indoors and small places. Eduardo is running for the Osceola County School Board and it is his feeling that this memorial should visit different schools in the area as a part of history and civics teaching.
Pictured left: The wall set up in the U pattern with the POW/MIA Thanksgiving Table centered. The design of our traveling memorial allows it to be set up in many patterns to accommodate for space.
A young visitor and her mother pick out a name from the wall to see how soldiers names are located on the wall. This youg lady tells us that she is doing a school project on the Vietnam War and the memorial wall.
Tom locates the Vietnam Veteran in the computer software and does a printout with all of the soldiers information for her to use in her class project.
Bringing Home the Wall is available to be displayed at community, company and other events. For more information on how you can book Bringing Home the Wall traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall click on Booking Information or contact Tom Twigg by telephone at 407-433-0015.
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