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Bringing Home the Wall is the creation of Tom Twigg and his wife Dee. This down sized replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. was built out of their care for mankind and for the people who served, died and are missing in the Vietnam War. They operate and move the traveling wall memorial at their own expense and through donations that are left by the people that visit it.

It should be noted that because of the size of this wall, it enables them to move it to smaller facilities than the larger scale wall. This allows visits to places like homes for the elderly, VA Hospitals, churches and other buildings where people that would not otherwise be able to ever see The Wall can.

Much like The Virtual Wall® online, Tom has a computer setup so that your loved one or friend can be easily located on the tribute. The database holds all of the names that are on the actual wall and will pinpoint which panel display the name you are looking for can be found on Bringing Home The Wall. Tom can be contacted by phone at 407-433-0015 for information on displaying the wall in your community or email him below for further information. Tom and his wife operate this small scale traveling VietNam Memorial Wall on our own and from donations only. If you would like to help us in our expense in this effort please send any amount you wish by clicking on the donation button below.

Please consider donating to our memorial wall. Any donation amount is accepted and appreciated by using the PayPal button below. Bringing Home The Wall is a Non- Profit Organization.

Thank You!

Veterans Memorial Ribbon to be taken to Washington D.C by Chapter 6 Rolling Thunder and laid at the Vietnam Memorial Wall

The Veterans Memorial Ribbon

students at Lake Highland prepitory school sign the Vietnam Memorial ribbon

We ask all visitors to sign the ribbon or leave a message. The Vets at the VA Hospitals are especially encouraged to leave a message. The ribbon, once reaching the length of the memorial in Washington, D.C. will be escorted to the Wall by Rolling Thunder Once there, the ribbon will be marched out and displayed the length of the memorial, 494 feet, on the first Memorial Day after this is accomplished. For the Vets and families, who cannot get to the wall for either financial or physical reasons, their messages and prayers will, by the displaying of the ribbon. The ribbon is approximately 104ft in length, containing 8-9,000 signatures with messages at this time.

Recent News

Bringing Home the Wall is proud to announce that our tribute ribbon has been signed to the desired length and we will be displaying the ribbon in Washington DC on June 16th. Please see our schedule below for more information on the dates of travel. We would like to thank all those who have signed our ribbon over the years helping us to reach the goal of proudly displaying the vietnam veteran tribute at the memorial wall.


We have developed a mission statement that is now available for viewing on this web site. You can read our mission statement here.


Bringing Home The Wall is now a 501C (3) non-profit organization! We are looking for corporate sponsors that are interested in helping us with our mission to set up the wall in as many VA hospitals as possible. If your corporation would like to sponsor our Vietnam Memorial, please contact us.

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We are proud to have the privilege of sharing the lyrics of a song written by Thayne and Taiowa Hake entitled

Traveling Wall


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E-Mail Contact

Phone (407) 433-0015

2017 Schedule


  • May 26 - 29 Bisbee, Arizona

June 8-11 at the LoveGospel Church

1890 S Plaza Drive Apache Junction, AZ


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